When is the best time to fish with us?​  One of our most asked questions.  We'll give you some info based on past experience for each lake.

For Chautauqua walleye season opens on the 1st Saturday in May and usually the daytime bite doesn't come on for several weeks.  ​We recommend the last week of May through the early part of July as best.  Usually best is in 2nd or 3rd week of June for our style of fishing.  ​As we move through July and August with warmer waters typically the bite slows as fish transition deeper.  Jigging and trolling take over.  After Labor day, we get into Fall fishing with jigs and this can be very good at times.  Weather usually is good for this type of fishing into October.  ​For musky early June into July is good.  As we get into August we are releasing these fish, so we do watch the water temperature and target other fish. 

For Lake Erie, we do day trips only and usually start fishing in early June.  We have several excellent year classes of walleyes so fishing in 2017 was excellent.  We expect 2018 to continue as we had many "short" fish last year.  Fishing early is generally good especially for big fish.  ​I feel once lake warms and sets up that fishing becomes most consistent and we usually have more stable weather.  So my pick is for July through early September for numbers of fish.  ​Wind and waves are usually the big issue on Lake Erie - we do our best to work our trips through the weather and move trips as necessary.

​In the peak periods we are usually booked fairly tight- call and book early for best dates.  If you have questions please call as we'll do our best to help.